FREE World's Best Online Spin® Class - Part 1 with Cat Kom u0026 Brian LaRose

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FREE World's Best Online Spin® Class - Part 1 with Cat Kom u0026 Brian LaRose




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’t blink. You might miss this opportunity to take … The World’s best Spinning® Class! Just hop on your bike, commit and get ready to crush some calories. It’s a tag team effort so you gotta bring your “A” game for not only 1, but 2 Spin® instructors! Brian starts things off fast with some heart pumping movement, followed by a double time drill that pops you into that fat burning zone fast! Then comes SSoD Lead Trainer Cat Kom! She takes advantage of your warmed up body and moves right into a killer endurance ladder drill where the ladder keeps getting higher and higher and higher! Trust me, you’ll be beggin’ for a break at this point. They don’t call this the World’s best Spin® class for nothing!

And we will take one lil’ halftime intermission to catch your breath so you’re recharged for the second half of the best indoor cycling workout video.

POW! Right back at it for some serious Climbs, Jumps, Sprints and more. Expect to finish the Spin® class off with an East vs. West all-out battle on the bike. You pick your side, but no matter what side you pick, BRING… IT!!! For that drafting drill, you need to bring every single ounce of effort that you have left! And we all win in the end. Get it.

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