Chinese pumpkin steamed buns with Chinese brown sugar mantou recipe 南瓜紅糖蒸饅頭

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Chinese pumpkin steamed buns with Chinese brown sugar mantou recipe 南瓜紅糖蒸饅頭




These steamed buns "饅頭" are absolutely 100% from northern China, although they're also not uncommon in Korea, Japan \u0026 Vietnam. Most of the time they appear to be white \u0026 fluffy, however I like my steamed buns sweet (add sugar) \u0026 sometimes even milky (add milk instead of water).

It's always fun \u0026 challenging to work with yeast when making Chinese pastries. There is no absolute science or ratio, but our own instincts \u0026 experience. Here is a rule of thumb, we could use as a reference:

"Soft dough for dumplings " 軟麵餃子
"Hard dough for noodle"硬麵湯
"medium dough for buns"不軟不硬做乾糧

So the golden flour \u0026 water ratio is 2:1. The dough for dumplings need to be a bit softer, the dough for noodle needs to be a bit harder.

After forming our dough, it's still possible to kneading more loose flour in. The more flour we add in, the more dense our steamed buns would be.

Add in more yeast in winter \u0026 less in summer (around 1% of the flour). The dough takes longer to rest in winter \u0026 less in summer. It all has to do with the temperature \u0026 humility in the air, sometime even the altitude.

Lard could make our dough whiter \u0026 fluffier.

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Ingredients:3-4 portions

250g flour
200g pumpkin steamed
30g sugar optional
25g lard optional
3g yeast

four: water = 2:1
yeast: flour = 1: 100
Sugar \u0026 lard are optional, but definitely taste \u0026 look better with them.


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