The Most Brutal Gordon Ramsay Insults Ever

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The Most Brutal Gordon Ramsay Insults Ever




It's hard to pin down Gordon Ramsay's worst insults, considering just about everything that comes out of his mouth is offensive. But we've waded through countless clips to highlight some of the chef's best zingers, ranging from laugh-out-loud funny to cringeworthy.

If you're eating in one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurant, there's one rule: You don't walk into Ramsay's kitchen to complain about a dish. The Hell's Kitchen star doesn't take kindly to sass from his staff, and he doesn't make an exception for the occasional snooty customer either.

That was the case with one restaurant customer who complained that there wasn't any pumpkin in his risotto — despite nearly finishing the plate.

The customer then went up to the service table, at which point Ramsay let loose.

Watch the video to see more of the most brutal Gordon Ramsay insults ever!

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The pumpkin incident | 0:22
Meat flop | 0:58
No staring allowed | 1:44
The bait-and-switch | 2:22
Camel droppings | 3:42
Anything's an insult | 4:18
Squid surprise | 5:26
Poodle focaccia | 5:57
Cuke nuke-em | 6:36
No trust | 7:23
A constant on the plank scale | 8:13
A complicated salad | 8:53