Hat Yai Nightlife

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Hat Yai Nightlife




Hat Yai Nightlife is sometimes very busy as you can see it in the video: https://www.travelinthailand.trvge.com/p/hat-yai-nightlife.html
is one of the red light district hot spot, check it out.

Even exiting from time to time and after some mad people throw a bomb and the tourists wont come for a while. Visitors mainly come from Malaysia to have a few days for a good time especially the guys are checking out whats up with the girls and lady-boys. Bars, nightclubs, lounges, karaoke, massage, including the special ones for the men is available and pretty young women doing their job. Also this has a bit moved to Sadao Danok at the border its still interesting. Nightlife and shopping that is what the people come from, actually prices are quite moderate and food is good. The ambiance is definitely Chinese and the whole city is Chinese dominated. Here is also the biggest railway station outside Bangkok. The red light district is right in the center with plenty of entertainment and amusement.


Max Meier