Klong Hae Floating Market in Hat Yai

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Klong Hae Floating Market in Hat Yai




Klonghae Floating Market is the jewel of Songkhla province. Around four kilometers from Hat Yai, on the weekends this canal is covered in permanently moored boats selling some of the finest goods the region has to offer. Vendors here sell everything from home- cooked food to tropical fruits and and other snacks, all for unbelievably reasonable prices. So I’m going to take a ride on this boat and see all there is to offer! Come join me!

Large boats like this one take passengers out on the canal for around 20 baht a person. The market has no entrance fee, and most of the food ranges around 20 baht as well. The coconuts are opened right to order, and taste delicious – especially underneath the beating hot sun. The vendors use little baskets at the end of bamboo sticks to pass food and also receive money from their customers.

The vendors package the food using bamboo tubes, coconut shells and banana leaves. Sometimes they use clay pots as well, instead of using plastic bags and foam boxes. It’s a nice touch that’s not only authentic but environmentally-friendly. The stalls are also not just about food either – there’s also vendors selling shirts, bags and crystal. While you’re shopping, it’s likely the sun will start to go down over the canal... the view is absolutely beautiful!

So when you come to Hat Yai, make sure you go to the Klonghae Floating Market. You’ll leave with a full stomach and great memories. It’s open Friday to Sunday from 3 pm to 9 pm.

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