1000 Calorie Workout - 90 Minute Total Body Strength, HIIT, Kickboxing, Pilates, and Core Workout

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1000 Calorie Workout - 90 Minute Total Body Strength, HIIT, Kickboxing, Pilates, and Core Workout




If you like our free workouts, please share! This is a 1000 calorie workout with total body strength training, HIIT cardio, kickboxing, core work, and a pinch of Pilates - Full info @ https://gofb.info/1000CalWorkout We strongly encourage you to listen to your body all the way through this routine. Make modifications to make it work for your fitness level, your body, and what you need today.
➡️Workout Structure:
✅High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): Burns fat, builds fast twitch/type 2 muscle (for speed and explosive strength), increases endurance, regulates blood sugar and boosts metabolism

✅Total Body Strength: Builds muscle, boosts metabolism, improves bone density and health, supports good mental health and mood, increases overall bodily control and mechanics, and lowers overall risk of injury

✅Cardio Kickboxing: Builds coordination and cardiovascular endurance, builds speed and challenges the core muscles

✅Pilates: Improves body mechanics and control, builds a strong foundation by increasing strength throughout different ranges of motion, improves flexibility

✅Core Strength: Strengthens the abs, obliques, and lower back to build a strong base for more dynamic, functional movements and workouts

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➡️ These workouts are intense; you should be well rested/recovered from your last workout when you tackle these 1000 cal workouts, and you should also give yourself a few days to heal once you’ve finished. While your body is recovering, you can keep moving with low impact movement, Pilates, going for walks, stretching, foam rolling or other light, functional body work.

A lot of people are intimidated by these 1000 calorie workouts, but when a workout is this lengthy, you have to take the intensity down a notch, in order to be able to safely/effectively push yourself through the routine. Listen to your body and make it work for you!

Advanced/high impact and moderate/low impact modifications included.
Warm up and cool down included.
Equipment (all optional): dumbbells, mat, bench

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