Free Full Hour Online Spin® Class Video with Cat Kom from Studio SWEAT onDemand-Part 1

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Free Full Hour Online Spin® Class Video with Cat Kom from Studio SWEAT onDemand-Part 1




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Studio SWEAT onDemand founder Cat Kom takes you on a ride and puts your endurance to the test in this FULL HOUR online Spin® class video. Our Studio SWEAT onDemand YouTube series features free online Spin® classes that will push your body to the limit with our fat torching and lean muscle building Spin® routines. If you are looking to get in shape this summer and still have fun while doing it this free Spin® class is definitely for you. This video is part 1 of a two part series that give you a full hour long Spin® class giving you a taste of the Studio SWEAT onDemand experience. This Spin® class series keeps you going with up tempo music as well as Cat personally leading you through each part of the workout. Once you have finished part 1 of the Spin® class make sure to finish strong in pt. 2! Check out the SSoD All Access Pass! It gets you unlimited views of Studio SWEAT onDemand workouts. Play any of our muscle building, fat burning classes as often as you like through your mobile device, laptop or PC, Internet ready TV or Tablet! Our downloads are literally the best you can buy, but the classes in our All Access Pass Holder's library are even better! Try out a FREE WEEK TRIAL, then get your own Pass! You can go month to month \u0026 EASILY cancel anytime! To learn more or get your All Access Pass today go to now!


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