[EAST2WEST] EXID - 알러뷰 (I LOVE YOU) Dance Cover

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[EAST2WEST] EXID - 알러뷰 (I LOVE YOU) Dance Cover




???????? EXID - 알러뷰 (I LOVE YOU) Dance Cover ????????

I’m going to be HANIst and point out the L.E.-phant in the room; Valentine’s day is coming soon.

That’s okay, no worries. No pressure. You definitely JEONGHWA’nt to be stressed out by a day invented to boost sales for chocolates, “I LOVE YOU” cards, and giant teddy bears. Everyone should love every day. Sure, this may apply to couples, but it also applies to family and most importantly, yourself. So heads up SOLJI-er. Be strong! Love yourself! HYERIN for a great ride this year of 2019. East2West loves you.
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HANI: Dylan Ricci (IG: @dylricci)
HYERIN: Kangli Chen (IG: @babyunnie)
JEONGHWA: Christine Ngo (IG: @qwisteen)
LE: Matthew D’Urbano (IG: @matthewdurbano)
SOLJI: Christine Lam (IG: @thchristine)

Filmed by Matthieu Tadeo (IG: @tadeo_matt)

Edited by Christine Ngo

Helper: Alex Nguyen

EXID - I Love You
EXID - I Love You (Instrumental)
EXID - Up and Down